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Hello, my name is Andrew Chan. I am graduating architectural technology student with aspirations to gain many different aspects of the field. For as long as I can remember, I have had a passion for architecture and design as many people in my family are established architects and I was introdused to the artistic profession at a young age.

My main hobby is in art. often om my down time I enjoy hand sketching buildings and city scapes I come across and find interesting. I also enjoy digital art using programs such as ilistrator and photoshop. On occassion I also construct physical models and sculpt using verious materials, some of my favourate materials to toek with are card board, tin foil and aluminum, metal wire, foam core and styrene.

I also enjoy learning about history. My favourite thing to reserch is the architectural history and what instired the classic styles that are reveared today, from Ancient Grease and Persia to the modern age of steel and glass in recent history. My favourate styles of architecture are Gothic, Art Deco and Tudor or anything with a rustic asthetic.

One of my other majot passions is in story telling. On my portfolio I included a design competition I participated in called Storm House. The reason I was drawn to this particular competition was because of the emphasis on the aspect of design telling a story, as well as how artistic and open ended it was. I made mine about an apocolypse braught on by climate change through the renderings. I wanted to make the subject of design look cool wile not glorifying climate change.

As of now I am preparing to begin my life long career in architecture. My intentions are to become a licensed architect and prohapse start my own firm some time in the future and fulfill my passions.





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