Oscar Chicas
Architectural Projects

House 25
The House 25 Design was made for the “Small Home Big Life” competition. The competition challenged us to create a home with a small square footage in order to accomodate a small family of four. The requirement was a maximum of 100 squared meters with at least 3 bedrooms. The site area is 300 squared meters. We strived to create an architecturally pleasing design that would make the home stand out within the surrounding neighbourhood. The concept of our design was inspired by a typical Japanese apartment design. The name is derived from the continous red banner throughout the facade of the home which resembles a 2 stacked on a 5. the red banner is made up of aluminum panel while the walls are made up of gypsum wall board with concrete fill. Our building’s unique design provides multiple stacked floors, each with their own functional purpose, in order to accomodate the small family. The floorplan presented here is the typical layout of all the floors within the home. Each Floor is evenly layed out with exactly 33 meter square. another special design in our building would be our spiral stairs. The Spiral stair in our design is perfect for tight spaces and it is an interesting way to transition between levels. Because you can buy them in ‘kit form’ off the shelf, they’re often easy to assemble and can be cost efficient.