About me;

My name is Jordan Crowder, and I am a prospective graduate of Architectural Technology (Co-op) at Sheridan College. This website is a selection of my work, completed both in and out of school. Outside of school, my interests are photography, health and wellness, as well as urban and environmental design.

Born and raised in Mississauga, Ontario, my passion for architecture derived from a young age. Seeing how the city was built and developed during my youth, continuing today, I wanted to get a greater understanding of the thought and design process behind it all. Now, more importantly the social and personal interactions people have at the human scale.

From high school there wasn’t really any other field that interested me the same as Architecture. It was clear this is what I wanted to pursue and continue with for the rest of my life. Almost choosing to start at the University level, I chose to pursue the College route first, and understand Architecture on the technical level. Having regrets for a while, I no longer regret my decision of attending College, and I’m more than happy to have chosen Sheridan College.
I enjoy researching and designing for the built environment, and the spaces in which we interact with.
Understanding the emotions and experiences people have within their built spaces strikes me the most
The fact that an idea can be brought to life as both a physical and inhabitable subject is very rewarding, and unlike many other careers

In regards to my future aspirations, it has always and is still a goal of mine to become a full pledged Architect. Seeking greater design knowledge out of high school and throughout this program, I feel I’m more than ready to continue my studies in Architecture. With plans of upgrading my credentials, I will be going back to school in 2017 to pursue my education and fulfill my goals.

Graduating from Sheridan College, I’m both grateful and amazed with how much I’ve learned and obtained. Both the in class and on site knowledge is unlike anything I would have imagined and successfully surpassed my expectations. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have Co-op experience coming out of school. The ability to apply your knowledge first hand, meet people from different backgrounds/trades, and obtain worthy experience on your resume, makes students much more potent and valuable when finished school. Today, I’m astonished with how fast 3 years has passed. The people I’ve met, became friends with, and times we shared together are ones to remember moving on.