The best experience is the moment you commit to a plan. There is no destiny but a legacy to be created. For every oppertunity missed, is an experience that doesn't exist.

Sheridan has been the experience that has allowed me to capture a source of vision and passion. I have a lot of interest in automotive innovation, cinema production and a wide variety of sports. I remember long ago that my goal was to be able to produce a project and see it become a reality. The biggest milestone in my childhood which had made me realize I ended up in the right area was my grade 4 egyptian production assignment. Made out of lego (my choice) we were expected to make a 3D building of typical living conditions for the wealthy and poor. From that moment I would always enjoy going over to all my friends house, and subconciously I was admireing the space planning, interior finishes, backyard landscapes, and eventually it started to grow into function and aesthetics.


Sheridan has developed my technical and horizon skills of building science, most importantly the definition of architecture with applying a vast amount of principles into developing a building.

I will never be able to look at any building the same again.. or architecture