Emerging Building Technologies

For this class we designed a Pavilion for Garange Park in downtown Toronto. The concept of this project is to bring more people in the summer to enjoy the views.

Front Eye view of the pavilion
Interior view from north side of the pavilion interior view from south side of the pavilion

Studio 6

For our Major Project in Studio 6 we did an Adaptative Reuse of this historic silo building in Paisley, Ontario. The idea was to make the silo accessible and at the same time use the space to bring back to the community.

Site plan view west side of the silo north south view of the silo
front view of the silo interior view from the apartment exit stairs
master bedroom view art school interior view 3D wall section

Studio 5

Studio 5 Major Project was a 6-Story multi-use building proposed for 1056 Queen Street West, Toronto.

Birds eye view from the side Birds eye view from the front Garden Rear Yard
Streetview at the front Streetview at the side Street view from the other side of the street
Art Gallery interior view Aparment interior view Living room view at the apartment

Building Renovations

For my Major Project in Building Renovations I decided to do my own house. The concept of this project was to fully renovate the Basement layout and the back yard.

Front of the house Front Perspective Rear Perspective
Rear Elevation Deck view Back Yard

Community Center

This is project that me and my partner in Mexico City worked on. This is a proposal for a community center located in a small city called Tehuacan, Puebla. The idea of the project was to bring back to the people that does not have the same opportunities and create a better enviroment in the location. The project was submited and accepted by the city and the Federal agency that was going to sponsor the project, but then the quarantine came and the project got cancelled.

Bird Eye View Main Entrance Water Reflection at Office
Party Lounge Party Lounge 2 Run Track
Interior Garden Interior of the Store Front Perspective Store
Front Perspective Store 2 Pool Elevation of the Bathrooms




J.D.C 2021