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Muskoka BoathouseThe Mars Habitat545 King Street West
Guelph Junction Renovation 1056 Queen Street West The Lighthouse

Muskoka Boathouse

The Muskoka Boathouse is a project worked on during a co-op work term. These drawings were brought to full working drawing level and submitted for various permits. In addition, the client requested a full rendering of the design to get a better idea of the interior spaces for decorating and finishing purposes.


The Mars Habitat

The Mars Habitat is a design inspired by the Marsception 2018 architecture competition, wherein applicants were asked to design a self-sustaining living space for five researchers to study the planet for long-term human habitation. Program requirements included a living area, sleeping area for five, interaction spaces, areas for sanitation and bath, recreation area, controlled areas for farming, and any other spaces participants wished to include. The radial layout was inspired by the ideal radial city from the Renaissance era, as well as Sir Ebenezer Howard's garden city movement. The radial aspect in The Mars Habitat would allow for not only safety in having multiple exits, it would also function as a means of connection to other spaces and people from almost anywhere.

Click to download the floor plans or the presentation


545 King Street West

545 King Street West is a design proposal to renovate the existing space to house a spa, restaurant, and hotel. The challenge here was that no additions could be made and the exterior shell of the building had to be maintained. As such, this proposal consisted of removing the existing second floor to create a new double height space on the first floor, and raising the first floor to grade level in order to make the building more accessibility friendly as the current first floor is sunken down and is only accessible via steps.

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Guelph Junction Renovation

The Guelph Junction Renovation is a renovation proposal for a one-storey structure. The clients had recently purchased the home and were looking for ideas and suggestions on how to renovate and improve the space. Seen below is one proposal, where the one-storey character and charm was maintained and additional space was added to the front and side while maintaining the existing large feature windows in the kitchen area.

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1056 Queen Street West

1056 Queen Street West is a midrise live-work design proposal. The design of the building arose from a desire to create a visually dynamic form while keeping in mind sun path, natural light to living spaces, and views out to the city. Light exposure is maximized by stepping back the building faces of each floor to allow midday light to reach the majority of suites, including those on the northern side. This staggered design also allows for the building to fall within the city of Toronto's required setback lines. To better tie in to the artistic nature of the area, the ground floor features rentable studio spaces on the northern side as well as an art gallery and cafe on the south which is accessible from Queen Street.



The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is an adaptation of an original design by Bohlin Grauman Miller in association with Bohlin Cywinski Jackson called "The Bear Stand." The design was adapted and expanded as a Revit and rendering exercise, while keeping in mind the needs of our theoretical clients and our chosen site, in this case a site that featured a pond to the south and a forest to the east. Due to expansive glazing across the house, the design was mirrored and oriented in such a way that the side that would see the most occupant activity would be facing away from the neighbouring structure and out towards the forest, allowing for both beautiful views and privacy.