Candice Ganswich's Portfolio

A compilation of work done throughout my time at Sheridan College

The Solstice - Ganswich Residence - Otama Beach House - Cahill Residence - PFDs

The Solstice

Project: Studio 5, Semester 5: Final Project
Designers: Candice Ganswich, Punit Trivedi and Michael Lis
Software: AutoCad and Sketch Up

The Solstice was a Studio project we were to design located in the Mississauga Downtown core. The building was to be a mixed use building with 5 floors - the first retail, the second and third business and the fourth and fifth residential. I was the designer of the residential floors, which were to conform to the Peel Rent Geared to Income design guidlines. Below is building design concept which I wrote:

"The Solstice is a point in time where the Sun reaches either its highest or lowest point in the atmosphere, and the changes in the season that take place during this moment. The Solstice building is there for people during the ups and downs - liek the Sun during the Solstice. Families who are in need of financial help can apply to Peel Housing for Rent Geared to Income properties, which allows to financial gain to move forward with prospertiy."



Ganswich Residence

Project: Renovation Course, Semester 5: Assignment 2
Designers: Candice Ganswich and Simon Tran
Software: Auto Cad and Sketch Up

The Ganswich Residence was a renovation assignment designed for an older couple with no kids. There were major renovations done, with the addition of a second floor as well as an income property in the basement.




Otama Beach House

Project: 3DS Max Course, Semester 5: Final Project
Designers: Candice Ganswich
Software: Auto Cad 3D Modeling, 3DS Max and Premier Pro
Description: The Otama Beach house, designed by David Berridge Architect , was a project that I originally modeled in AutoCad in 3D. I imported the model into 3DS Max then applied materials and lighting and rendered in 3DS Max. I then compiled the renders and animations in Premier Pro and created a short montage.

Premier Pro Video Compilation Link


Cahill Residence

Project: Building Information Modeling Course, Semester 6: Final Project
Designers: Candice Ganswich
Software: Revit
Description: The Cahill Residence is a project I modeled in Revit. There were area and room requirements to conform to, but the design of the building had no requirements. It is a lovely modern two storey home with Cedar shake cladding which gives it a natural feel.

Downloadable and Printable PDFs
The Solstice - Ganswich Residence - Otama Beach House - Cahill Residence