Highlights- Education- Experience--Volunteering- Achievements


Professional Highlights

  • Learned 3D design using multiple software and has experience with 3D printing
  • Proficient with AutoCAD, Revit, and Lumion
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office (MS Word, MS PowerPoint)
  • Experience with Cura (3D printing Software)
  • Emergency First Aid Training with St. John Ambulance; CPR C- AED
  • WHIMIS training; safety education
  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) event certificate of training



Sheridan College, Mississauga, Ontario                              January 2019-April 2021
Candidate for Advanced Diploma, Architectural Technology

  • Courses: Architectural Detailing, Building Renovations, Project Management, Residential Design, Strength of Materials, Building Information Modeling


Relevant Experience

VPM Research, Waterloo, Ontario (VPM Research)                                                   
3D printer/ designer                                                                October 2018-present

  • Displayed attention to detail by assembling two Prusa i3 Mk3 3D printers by using an instruction manual
  • Demonstrated problem solving and patience when effectively repairing and troubleshooting errors that arose
  • Proficiently learned how to print 3D objects using various materials
  • Worked independently/Self Taught, and took initiative to learn and how to fix multiple 3D printers
  • Reliable to Coworkers when they need help or need answers surrounding the maintenance of printers
  • Creativity when designing prints, collaboration when working with coworkers
  • Good Communication and customer service when talking to clients and when placing orders/shipments
  • Time management when planning prints that required multiple parts, attention to detail when assembling/fixing


SPARC Camps, Mississauga, Ontario                                                         
Camp Counselor                                                                  June 2018- August 2018   

  • Displayed leadership and communication skills by leading outdoor activities for a group of 30-50 children
  • Effectively collaborated and cooperated with staff by attending daily meetings used to address the successful and problematic components of camp


Volunteer Experience

Oneida Nation of the Thames, London, Ontario                                     August 2018

  • Excellent leadership skills used when leading large outdoor games for a group of 50-70 children; provided instructions for games and answered any questions that participants may have had
  • Provided an understanding and caring environment when communicating with community members

Youth Group Leader, Mississauga, Ontario                            September 2018- 2020

  • Dedication is shown by attending Youth Group weekly during the academic school year
  • Leadership skills used when leading large gym games for a group of 20-30 children
  • Communication skills are practiced by guiding small group discussions



  • Junior Student Athlete of the Year; Volleyball MVP, Silver and Diamond Athletic Award
  • Won two first place awards in the architecture program in a group of 5 students when assigned to draw a detail of a HVAC unit and after creating the most aesthetic structure


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