In A Nut Shell- Meditation Cabin

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In A Nut Shell is a Meditation Cabin for the Silent Meditation Cabin Contest. The inspiration behind the cabin was the idea of someone focusing on their feelings and digging deep to figure out their emotions, just as this cabin was pulled apart from its building layers to showcase it's interior.

Georgian Bluffs Home
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The Georgian Bluffs Home was a Advanced Residential Project where we had to analyze the heating and cooling loads of this home.

Semi-Detached House- AutoCAD Project
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This Semi-Detached House was a semester 2 project. The inspiration behind this home was to create a home that was both an older style and a newer style.


Artscape Apartment Building
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The Artscape Apartment Building stemmed behind a project where we were to create a building for local street artists in the Queens West area in Toronto. This was to be an affordable building where artists can come together and bounce ideas off one another.