Brock University - Building Renovations - Mississauga DT 21 - Bim Term Project

Brock University -
This concept of this project was to produce a set of Architectural Working Drawings for Brock University. This was the major project for semester 4 studio class and was done in groups of 4. Each person was responsible for a certain set of drawings to make up the complete package.
brock 3d
level 300
300 rcp
3d- View
Level 300 Floor Plan
Level 300 Reflected Ceiling Plan
stair plan
stair section
building section
Stair Plan
Stair Section
Building Section
Wall Section
north elevation
full drawing set
Wall Section
North Elevation
PDF Version of Drawings
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Building Renovations -
This purpose of this project was renovate a single family home at 879 Whitney Drive in Mississauga. The guide lines of the project was to renovate the home to accomdate a bigger family. The renovation had to meet specific rooms sizes based on the clients wants and needs.
first floor
second floor
south elevation
Proposed First Floor
Proposed Second Floor
Proposed South Elevation
north elevation
3d front view
3d rear view
Proposed North Elevation
Proposed 3D Front View
Proposed 3D Rear View
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Mississauga Downtown 21 Plan -
This was the semester 5 term project for studio 5, we were given lots in downtown Mississauga and assigned the task of desiging a 5 storey multiuses building. First floor retail, second and third floor office space, forth and fifth floor affordable housing.
level 1 conceptural
level 2 conceptual
level 3 conceptual
Level 1 Conceptual
Level 2 Conceptual
Level 3 Conceptual
level 4 conceptual
level 5 conceptual
structural level 1
Level 4 Conceptual
Level 5 Conceptual
Level 1 Structural
structural Level 2
structural level 3
structural level 5
Level 2 Structural
Level 3 Structural
Level 4 Structural
Structural Level 5
3d View 1
3d view 2
Level 5 Structural
3D View 1
3D View 2
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BIM Term Project
This was the semester 6 BIM project, the purpose of this project was was to design a house fully using Revit. The house was designed to meet certain requirements of the family to meet there wants and needs.
First FLoor
Second Floor
3D Interior
First Floor
Second Floor
3D Interior View
North Elevation
South Elevation
3d View
North Elevation
South Elevation
3D Front View
3d Back View
3D Back View
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