ELF Cottage

The ELF Cottage is a design proposal for 234 Dalrymple Road as a part of the major project for Architectural Visualization at Sheridan College. The intention of this project is to create a home that combines nature with architecture. The cottage is 3 storeys in height and features unique materials such as Birchwood and Walnut that help unify the building with its surroundings. Equitone panel, and a perforated concrete design creates a structure that camouflages with nature, while adding a modern touch. The primary feature of the building is its accessible green roof terraces that consist of sustainable elements such as thermal masses and greywater systems. Harvested rainwater can be used in non-potable areas while its solar collection will provide a greener source of electricity. These roof terraces strengthen the bond between the indoors and outdoors.







Gradient House

The Gradient House is a project in a proposal to the City of Mississauga as part of a Studio 2 Major Project in Sheridan’s Architectural Technology program. The end goal for this submission was to design a semi-detached home with features that enable the house to be sustainable. As a result of these features, the home owner will be able to leave a minimal carbon footprint on the environment. The feature roofs collect solar energy through solar tiles, and its shape enables the house to collect rainwater for its greywater system.The feature wall of the home is located on the West side of the lot, where the homeowner can grow small herbs or flowers, accentuating the aesthetic of the building.







Located at the corner of Queen St and Fennings St in Toronto, The Urbane Centre is one of the newest additions to West Queen West, revolutionizing the streetscape of developing neighbourhoods. Our objective is to operate the Urbane Center as a community hub, where the residents of neighbourhoods can come together and enjoy the local amenities and businesses, revitalizing the pedestrian dominating areas. In partnership with ArtScape Toronto, the Urbane Center will be available to artists as a building for affordable housing.





Download URBANE Center Structural Plans PDF