3D CAD Modelling

This warehouse was modelled using the 3D modelling interface of AutoCAD. The various components of the warehouse were modelled separately then brought together into one final model. The model was then imported into Lumion to do some rendering. This project was primarily done in AutoCAD and Lumion.

Skills/Knowledge Used: Lumion, Photoshop, 3D AutoCAD

3D CAD Door 3D CAD Accessible ramp 3D CAD Window
3D CAD Warehouse left view 3D CAD Warehouse right view 3D CAD Warehouse front view
3D CAD Warehouse back view Warehouse front render view Warehouse left render view
Warehouse back render view Warehouse Lumion siteplan  

Commercial Detailing

This detailing set was meant to detail the construction of a small dance studio made of CMU with a steel structure. Some details in this set were purely hand drawn, while others were drafted first in AutoCAD and then traced over with pen due to their complexity. This project was primarily done in AutoCAD and by hand.

Skills/Knowledge Used: Hand drafting, AutoCAD, Detailing

Cover page Dance studio floorplan Dance studio mezzanine floorplan
AODA Service counter detail Demising wall (left) and hollow metal frame detail (right) ACT Ceiling (left) and bottom of stair at slab on grade detial (right)
Top of stair (left) and floor at demising wall detail (right) Cover page Dance studio floorplan
Dance studio mezzanine floorplan Parapet at low roof (left) and parapet at high roof (right) detail Low roof at exterior wall (left) and skylight curb detail (right)
Exterior soffit (left) and storefront window head & sill detail (right) Slab on grade floor / foundation / cavity wall at grade detail  

Download PDF version here.

Residential Design

This 3-bedroom house was designed for my Studio 2 term project. It started off as an empty lot and ended up as a beautiful family home. I designed it with my family in mind, but it can be easily applicable to any family. Environmentally friendly materials were used where possible in the design. This project was done primarily in AutoCAD.

Skills/Knowledge Used: Detailing, Window and Door Schedule Creation, Framing Knowledge, AutoCAD, OBC Part 9 Residential, SketchUp,

Design presentation board of the project Cover page of drawing set Site plan
Basement floorplan First floor floorplan Second floor floorplan
First floor framing plan Second floor framing plan Second floor ceiling framing plan
Roof framing plan North elevation East elevation
South elevation West elevation Building section
Wall section Stair section Door and window schedule

Download PDF version here.

Adaptive Reuse

This project was done as my Studio 6 term project. The project was based on an old silo mill in Paisley, Ontario. The client wanted to repurpose the silo building while keeping the history. Since it was once a functioning mill, I decided to make it into a micro brewery and pub space. I also added an art store and art gallery to display and facilitate some local art. This project was done primarily in Revit.

Skills/Knowledge Used: Revit, AutoCAD, Photoshop, Revit Cloud Rendering, Detailing, Passivhaus Strategies, Adaptive Reuse

Front exterior perspective view of The Biere Haus Main floorplan Second floor floorplan
Third floor floorplan Fourth floor floorplan North elevation
East elevation South elevation Interior rendering of the pub
Building section Detailed wall section  

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