AutoCad 3D
AutoCad 3D was used to create this house based on floor plans from the web.
nikext nik kic

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This program was used to complete many studio assignment. The Assignment below was Brock Univeristy building. This final assignment was completed in groups to re- create the 5 storey Brock building.
On the Left are PDF's and Right are DWF's
flr flrs
ref rec
str sta

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3Ds Max
This program was used to design my Mississauga Downtown 21 plan building for Studio 5. It is a 5 storey building with first floor is retail spaces, second and third consist of commercial space and fourth and fifth floors are residential units. The other Project completed using 3Ds Max was a custom home that has many sustainable feature.
living kitchen  
bed day night


This is a custom home designed and built using Revit.
ext deck
cut detail