Eric Hibbard

Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Eric Hibbard and I'm currently finishing my final semester at Sheridan College. After completion, I will successfully graduate with an Advanced Diploma as an Architectural Technologist. I am excited to offer my skills and fresh learnings to future architectural tecnology companies. As a recent graduate, I will be adaptable to the best practices the Architectural companies adheres to such as quality and regulations to ensure projects meet or exceed all standards.

I have over seven years experience working in the construction industry as a flooring installer in both custom residential and commercial projects including one of Porsche’s largest and most modern dealerships in North America. Moreover, I have assisted with the completion of many mid to high-rise condominiums, commercial stores, and restaurants across the Greater Toronto Area. This provides additional experience working closely with site supervisors, clients and sub-trades to coordinate and understand blueprints, schedules and production goals.

With my extensive experience on construction projects amd education, I have the essential skills needed to collaborate and produce quality architectural drawings. I am a dependable team player that understands the importance of deadlines and budgets. I have strong knowledge of site operations, production quality, customer service and building materials. I believe my training and knowledge are what you are searching for. If you agree or would like to know more about my qualifications, I welcome the opportunity to discuss further. In the mean time feel free to view my portfolio and resume.


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