Hi my name is Michael Ho and I am a student at Sheridan College in the Architectural Technology. Over the three years in Sheridan I have learned more than I can ever imagine and it has greatly increased my interest in Architecture. Though truthfully Architecture is only one of my favourite subjects. I actually also love History which funny enough, nearly no one in my class enjoyed Architectural History while I found it to be incredible. Learning of different styles and techniques of Architecture was more interesting than I thought it would be. My dream is to make a career of this passion and work in a firm and being part of a team.


My interest in Architecture can date back to probably what a majority of people went through as well which was LEGO. Initially my LEGO was used to create large objects I saw on TV but this progressed to a dollhouse like hobby. I would use LEGO to build homes of my design for my Action figures. This eventually progressed into the decision to go to Sheridan College to really learn about Architecture.


Another Interest I have is Animals. The attributes I see in animals intrigued me similar to Architecture where their bodies are designed for survival. When I was in high school I volunteered at the Reptilia Zoo in Vaughn. Here I learned many social skills as I was exposed to communication with employees and visitors that made me more comfortable speaking to people.


My Interests include reading and sports such as badminton and swimming. I am outgoing and have no problem working with people since I believe that even if you can do something alone, it is more enjoyable and easier with others.

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