InNature7 Competition

A structure designed as a learning centre to be built away from prominent civilization centres and allow visitors to interact with the surounding enviroment. The goal here was to produces a set of cohesive finished renders and photoshop them into their enviroments to create a believable cohesive vision of the project.


Building Renovation

A renovation for a young couple living in a split level home looking to create room for the expanding family. Primary complications where the split level nature of the dwelling and hte clients wish for an additional story as an addition. To achieve the requirements of the client the uppoer floor was to be re-arranged to make the spaces larger and the additional story was to be possitioned above the existing kitchen and contain a new master bedroom an ensuite.



The renovation of this Chocolate factory in down town Toronto was impeded by the narrow nature of the lot. The client wished to add 2 additional stories above and expand out the back in a compartmental style utilizing green and energy efficient technologies wherever possible. The most pressing wish of the client was the utalization of refurbished cargo containers in the design which the lot allowed two side by side. It was determined that the best way to do this was to construct a brand new connected building rather then a traditional renovation.