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If I had to describe myself using only 3 words I would say... open...patient... and positive


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  • Photography
  • Graphic design
  • Video games
  • Roller blading
  • Hiking
  • Travelling
  • Spending time with family and loved ones


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Fun Facts

Here are a few things that people my not know about me:

  • I can pop my shoulder blades
  • I play the ocarina
  • I write poetry
  • I collect glasses


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I am a very simple person that doesn't need a lot to be happy. All I hope for is to be able to see the world with my partner in crime and to leave a mark with the work that I love in the field that I work so hard in. I just want my passion to paid off. Hopefully someone, someday, will look at my work and be inspired by it.


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My biggest architectural inspiration has to be Zaha Hadi. Her work and story has inspired me ever since the first time I layed eyes on her living art.


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Demir Ib.