Meadowvale Theatre|InNature7 |Chocosol |Mississauga Bus Terminal 

Meadovale Theatre

In this studio 6 project I was challenged to breathe some life into an already existing theatre that did not have a identity of its own. This take on the theatre brings the fun and imagination of plays and the arts to the outside in a bright and colourful way.


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This is the creation that my group members and I have constructed for the 2018 InNature 7 competition. It is a floating facility that is made to inspire and revive our energy to focus on our dying oceans.


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A 20th century Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory made to be as efficent and green as possible to create an amazing community for people and chocolate.


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Mississauga Bus Terminal

Mississauga is going through a lot of changes and a part of that is to change the central hub of transportation. The reimaging of the Mississauga bus terminal is a movement to move people and get them together closer as communities grow.


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Demir Ib.