I'm Laika Jacinto and I am a recent graduate of Sheridan College in the Architectural Technology Program. The interest in architecture took its pique in the senior years of my high-school life when I took a course the school offered called "Green Industries". This involved introduction to landscaping, growing plants from seedlings, creating the school's very own outdoor classroom, drafting, as well as a ton of Bob Marley songs which the teacher seemed to be devoted to. I found joy in drafting by hand and using various drafting equipment which thus, led to my application for Sheridan's Architectural Technology Program. In my three years of study which includes my co-op placements, I have grown in character, experience, skills and have also grown as a teamplayer. I believe that it is best to challenge one's self and go to a place out of our comfort zones, as this will further develop our characters, who we are as a person, and help us become the best that we can be.