Shazeb Jafri

Architectural Technologist


Paisley Mill

This is an adaptive reuse project proposal of the Paisley Mill which creates a community hub for the citizens of the town, as well as utilizing the forest environment to create an outdoor experience. Created floor spaces based on the quietest space being at the top of the structure and the louder area’s being at the bottom. The cladding material I selected utilizes the nanostructured carbon to create a new form of concrete with enhanced properties. Aesthetically speaking I think this material creates a unique experience on my proposed silo’s main entrance.

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Fire Station

This fire station was being proposed to a recreational center being built in Mississauga. The goal was to create a design which balances the different types of occupancies in an organic way. There was also some emphasis on the site as we needed to take the neighboring recreational center into consideration and create path ways for it, as well as make swales and bio-retention ponds.

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This Mid-rise building is being proposed in downtown Toronto, on the corner of Queen St West & Fenning St. The goal of this project was to create a mid-rise structure while ensuring all units can get sunlight and maneuver around the pre-existing ash tree. This challenge led us to come up with unique forms to allow for optimal lighting. Our massing is utilizing an L shape to maneuver around the ash tree as well as allow sunlight to reach inner suites from the west.

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Personal Artworks

Since grade 6 I've been self teaching myself on how to draw using diffferent mediums, such as pencil, markers, fluid paint. I took a liking to manga art, and comic art the most. These are some of my recent art works that I've made.

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