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Is precise and to-the-point. Appreciates socially-influenced design strategies. Is calm and resourceful. Naturally self-motivated. Likes to be organized while working. Pragmatist and critical thinker.



Currently in the third year of Architectural Technology at Sheridan College. Has proven to be a distinct designer and any team's adhesive. Previously studied at Carleton University for History and Theory of Architecture, 2015 - 2017. Plans to complete M.Arch.



Our architecture reflects a budgeting, trendy, and facadist culture that comes from the pressures of saving or making more money. Wether we like it or not, we are on track to add "Environmentally Concious" to the list of things that must be obvious when starting any new project or renovation. On top of this, ever advancing studies in sociology & psychology influence the world of design. Creating beautiful spaces and creating healthy spaces must be one and the same. While not perfect in my practice, I strive to learn more, and apply effectively.