Born in 1990 in Mississauga but raised in Collingwood, ON. I grew up with my two older borthers playing every sport we could fit in our busy schedules. I spent my winters playing hockey and snowboarding and my childhood summers in Muskoka and playing soccer and golf whenever I was able to.

My passion for sports is equaled by my love of travelling, food, technology, and movies. I have a broad range of interests that occupy the majority of my free time which allows me to stay knowledgeable on many different areas of interest. I still enjoy spending my weekends and free time at cottages, golfing, or going out for a meal with friends. I am always interested in seeing the latest movies and learning about the next tech to hit the market.

My path through life has lead me back to Mississauga where I now live and enjoy with my partner Seana and my Dog, Pete. After 4 years of university in Waterloo at Wilfrid Laurier University and 3 years of college at Sheridan College, I am fully ready and prepared to take on the next chapter in my life, my career. Architecture was always a passion of mine from when I was a child and could not have enough lego to build with to high school drafting and shop classes and now my studies at Sheridan have culminated in a Architectural Technologist Diploma.

I am now fully ready and willing to take on the next chapter of my life, my career in Architecture.



Sheridan College
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