My name is Kenneth Jentas, I grew up in the heart of Mississauga Ontario, in a village called Streetsville. After high school, I was unsure about my career choice, thus, I decided to take business marketing at Fanshawe College to better understand how to market myself, and to potentially become a successful entrepreneur.  After business school I decided to take the leap and move across the country to live in Whistler, British Columbia, where I resided and called my home for two and a half years. After spending time in Whistler, and seeing the controversial costal issues with oil pipe lines, I knew I wanted to get involved with making the world a cleaner place. It was not until I came back to Mississauga for a visit, that I knew I would be staying, and returning to school for a one-year Renewable energy certificate at Conestoga College. It was there where I got extremely excited about LEED buildings. Now four years later, and an Advanced Diploma in Architectural Technology at Sheridan College, my passion lies in designing contemporary sustainable homes. If we look at our neighbours across the sea, many European countries have adapted to a scientific design approach called Passive house, where energy consumption is reduced by 90%, and achieved by changing some simple architectural detailing. However, within North America, we have slowly been adjusting to the concept. This is where my strengths and desires reside. Though I am still learning every day, I have always been known to push myself so that I can be talented at everything I do. I have put a lot of time into this program in hopes that I will find myself teamed up with some individuals who simultaneously strive with me. Thank you for reading along, I would love to hear more about you and your firm.