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About Me

Art, design, and architecture are all mediums of expression for the creative soul. The ability to create a new form or design using inspiration and imagination is something that adds to the richness of our culture and legacy. My fascination with this field began in kindergarten and is still a vital part of how I express myself as a person. To me, a life without creative pursuit is a dull existence.

Inspiration can be found is the simplest of things: a story, a song, a memory, or even an act of kindness. I believe in gathering experiences and using those to fuel my creative drive. My pull towards architecture comes from my desire to create spaces that inspire and connect. Architecture is an innovative art form that breaks boundaries while introducing a habitable space for people to appreciate. It holds power to awe with its presence, generate a sense of serenity, and provide a basic necessity of life – shelter. This field is the perfect union of creativity and purpose.

The work(s) depicted in this platform are pieces that portray my close relationship with the creative arts. They show my passions, my limitations, my progress, and my drive to excel. Creativity is an integral part of my identity and I wish to leave a positive mark in the field of architecture. The path may be difficult but it is a passion worth the sleepless nights and hard work.

-Eshaani Kaul