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Studio 5: FLUX

Level 3 Floor Plan

*This render was produced by Hayley Perrin* Level 4 Floor Plan

FLUX is a residential building with retail space at ground level, catered mostly towards the artistic community of West Queen West. The design is inspired by the changing dynamic of the neighbourhood and aims to create a dynamic space that reflects the evolution of West Qween West.

The salient features of this design are the dynamic curtain walls, panel cladding system, green wall that extends to the fifth floor, and green accents that create a rhythm and soften the modern look of the building.

3D Structure Render
Building Renovations: 8 Rowland Street

Ground Floor Plan

The Living and Dining area was kept the same. Changes were made to the back to accomodate a bigger Kitchen and a small prayer nook.

Second Floor Plan A

The existing Master Bedroom was redesigned to make way for a hallway to access the addition. A new Master Bedroom was added over the Garage with an Ensuite.

Front Elevation

The addition follows the existing architectural style of the house.

Proposed Basement Plan PDF Proposed Second Floor Plan B PDF Proposed Rear Elevation A PDF
Visualization: ELF Cottage
Foyer & Entry Hall
The driving concept behind the design of ELF Cottage was to integrate modern cottage aesthetics in a traditional cottage environment. Different levels and connected rooftop terraces give the cottage a unique look and a lighter colour palette gives the cottage an ethereal appearance no matter what the season. The dynamic curtain wall system and windows bring the design closer to nature, offering residents a beautiful view of the outdoors. The interior boasts high-ceilings, an open design concept, and views from all main rooms, making the most of a naturally scenic environment. ELF cottage’s dynamic level changes lend interesting elements to the interior as well. The great room and foyer have high ceilings and the simple linear form as well as the neutral colour palette will allow the inhabitants to decorate the interior as they please and make ELF cottage their home in its true sense.
Great Room
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