Queen Street W. Mid-Rise-Kelly Cottage Renovation -Paisley Mill Revitaliztion


Queen Street W. Mid-Rise

Summary: In semester five students were asked to create a mid-rise building on Queen Street W. The concept of this building was to create an austhetically pleasing building as well as making sure the view of the park across the street was not put to waste. Even though the outside of the building was made to be appealing the interior had to make sense and have functionality.


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Kelly Cottage Renovation

Summary: In my fifth semester I was tasked with finding a building to renovate. I decided to renovate my families cottage that is 66 years old and none of the existing building has been changed through the 66 years. I was challenged with taking what the client wants out of the renovation and what was possible with the extremely strict zoning by-laws. What was wanted out of the renovation was to have this summer cottage turned into an all season cottage that could be treated as a home.


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Paisley Mill Revitalization

Summary: In my sixth semester students were tasked with making a revitalization plan with this old mill. The idea that I brought to this project, is to make this space an area for anyone of any age to come to. A sports store on the first floor to influence activity and accessable equipement with many younger people moving north, away from Toronto. A Eco-Information area on the second floor to teach people about the surronding area. With a cafe on the third and fourth floor to have a calm area with the option to go out onto the green roof. Making a space with different purposes but is capable of bringing people together.


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