Hi, my name is Abdul and I’m a recent graduate of Sheridan College's Architectural Technology Co-op program.  Prior to attending Sheridan, I went to York University for Information Technology. I was told that there is alot of jobs and money in that feild, which is the reason I applied there right after highschool. Not knowing anything about I.T, I eventually decided to change my program after my first year into something I actually enojoy, which is making art. After taking a career test, I decide to come to Sheridan for their Architectural Technology program.  The 3 years I have experience here went by too fast; and my favourite part of the program was creating 3D animations and making 3D models out of the buldings I designed in Sheridan's software applications. I have always enjoyed design and creating structures, and I believe that the knowledge I have gained within the three years as well as my previous work experience have equipped me with the appropriate skills to succeed in this field.With that said, please feel free to have a look at my site, especially my portfolio, where you can see some 3d renders and animations I created during my senior year at Sheridan.