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Rumaisa Khan

Mixed-Use Residential - Paisley Mill - Fire Station - Microhome


1056 Queen Street W: Mixed-Use Residential

Located on the corner of Queen St W and Fenning in Toronto, this Mixed-Use Residential building features a commercial ground floor, with a restuarant, a convenience store, a boutique, and a restaurant. The building incorporates OBC Matrix, barrier-free design, and sustanability features, including solar panels, a green roof, and a rainwater harvesting system.

Completed by: Maha Qureshi and Rumaisa Khan

Paisley Mill - Adaptive Reuse

Located in Brockton, Ontario, Paisley Mill is a historical building that did not have much function anymore in recent decades. To bring life back into the area, we were tasked to design a purpose for the building. This proposition of Paisley Mill was designed to have a very soft and welcoming atmosphere, with a cafe, bakery, a multi-purpose room, and a souvineer shop.

Completed by: Rumaisa Khan

Ground Floor

Second Floor

Third Floor



Tenth Line Fire Station

The Tenth Line Fire Station was designed to have maximum amount of sunlight and sustainanility features with beautiful outdoorareas. The fire station is completed with a unique curved roof, an indoor patio space, and a lot of curtain wall windows.

Completed by: Souher Al Hasan and Rumaisa Khan

Microhome - Architecture Competition

The design concept for the microhome was to draft a solution for the increasing housing prices and lack of land in growing cities. Designing smaller functioning homes that are cost-effective helps the issue of homelessness and unaffordability. This microhome was designed to have large windows and light interior tones for a spacious appearance. The home is completed with mechanisms, so spaces can have multiple purposes with moving furniture functions.

Completed by: Rumaisa Khan