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Welcome to my page!

My name is Devon Klingenberg and I am currently completing my last semester of the Architectural Technology Program with Co-Op at Sheridan College. Throughout my experience at Sheridan, I've been able to discover more of who I am and what I am capable of, due to the complexity and opportunities within the program. During my co-op opportunities, I aimed to receive exposure to the many different career paths that could be taken upon graduation and I found most enjoyment working within a design firm as well as tutoring and lecturing students in the Architectural programs offered at Sheridan. Please refer to my resume to learn more about my experiences and skills.

I would describe myself as an outgoing, caring, fun loving, adventure seeking person who loves to make the most out of everyday. I love to travel and experience different cultures and places around the world. I love to meet new people and develop relationships that expose me to new things and push me out of my comfort zone. In my spare time I enjoy many different recreational activities such as weightlifting, downhill skateboarding, golf, basketball, hockey and fishing. I also love video games, movies and tv-series. I have an extremely broad range of music tastes and enjoy singing along to so many different genres and songs.

I enjoy many aspects of Architecture and Design as I find it an absolutely great way to express creativity and ones own interpretation of current trends and styles. I hope to aquire my Masters of Architecture in the near future but plan to have exposure to the industry prior to beginning this step in my career. I find the most excitement when designing modern homes and buildings while implementing different materials and forms to create a finished product. I enjoy experimenting with different programs and softwares as well.