Adrian Kolodziej

About Me

      Growing up fascinated with all forms of art and design, through which I could express my creativity, I eventually discovered architectural design. At that time my interest in architecture and the construction industry grew to the point I decided that this was something for me so when the time came I decided to study Architectural Technology, which grew my passion even more. Now as a student of Architecture I hope to continue learning and developing this passion into a career as an architect.

      Outside of work and my studies I have various activites that I enjoy doing in my free time including:


      I have always enjoyed art, even taking it throughout my highschool years as a course. Now I mostly end up sketching or drawing ideas that pop into my head whether it's a building idea, a custom design for a piece of furniture or a car that appeals to me.


      I have always enjoyed playing various sports and activities, team or individual. Most commonly I am playing soccer on an organised team in a recreational league, at one point even organising and running a team. Even outside of organised sport I will get together with friends to play volleyball, squash, or just go to the driving range. When I am not taking part I also enjoy watching professional teams compete.


      Whether traveling abroad or just going for a short weekend camping trip up north in the summer I enjoy traveling and visiting new places and experiencing new things. Currently my longer travels include: Europe (mainly Poland), various locations in The Carribean, as well as a variety of trips throughout the US including winter Ski trips.


      A growing passion for cars and automotive. I enjoy tinkering and working on cars, restoring and replacing the motor in my own project car which required a fair amount of patience, problem solving and resourcefulness to complete as I was learning along the way.