Mitchell Lamb

Architectural Technologist


The accelerated Architectural Technology program at Sheridan has taught me to manage my time properly through the vast amount of projects assigned and has given me the opportunity to expand on my creative thinking with design in studio and visualization. The software has sparked an interest in my design process and I tend to go out of my way to learn more about advancing software.





Architectural Technology Co-Op

Sheridan College

01/2019 - 04/2021


Technical Skills

- AutoCad - Adobe Photoshop - Lumion - Revit - Ontario Building Code

- Leed Knowledge - Detailing - Sketchup - Microsoft Office - Model Building - 3DS Max


Architectural Projects

Adaptive Reuse of Flour Mill

- Extensive detailing of wall assemblies and structural components.

- Use of LEED Technology and Passive House design.

- Tailoring the building according to client specifications and needs.

- Created a structural framing plan with a 3D rendered building skeleton.

- Research on sustainability and Passive House design.


Sleeping Pods on a Cliff Architectural Competition

- Created a single occupant structure on a steep mountainside.

- Incorporated local materials as a focus in concept and use in the structure.

- Research on reclamation of structure by nature and created space for nature to thrive.

- Implementation of sustainable systems through building orientation, water collection and prevailing wind direction.




First place group of 6 out of 50 groups where the objective was to find a system in our campus and sketch it accurately and to scale.

Model Design

Voted as best designed model by the school in a competition where the object was to build a weather-resistant, free standing structure out of popsicle sticks.


Work Experience

Architectural Technician (Co-Op)

David Small Designs

01/2020 - 04/2020 - Missisauga, ON

Renowned Custom Home Design Firm


- Helped coordinate with contractors (HVAC, Framing, Structural) and address errors if they occurred.

- Provided cover renders for clients through SketchUp and Photoshop.

- Assisted in drafting plans, elevations and sections.

- Accomodated and came up with solutions for client revisions.

- Coordinated with the Interior Design department to be involved in the entire design process.

- Worked on 10+ different projects per day and kept record of what was done for each one.


Kitchen Manager

Uncorked on Main

01/2015 - 04/2018 - Georgetown, ON

High-End Tapas/Wine Bar


- Quickly excelled in my position and allowed the company to cut back on staffing due to providing a more efficient workflow.

- Extensive knowledge of how to perfrom in a restaurant by working many of the available positions (eg; Managing Kitchen, Cooking, Bartending, Serving, etc.)

- Took on responsibilities such as scheduling, inventory, weekly order, new menu ideas and costing.

- Exceeded duties required and became a managerial figure that any employee could look to for help.

- Trained multiple coworkers to excel in ther respective roles and provided an enjoyable work environment for all staff.

- Improved customer experience by socializing and solving concerns quickly.



Glencairn Golf Course

04/2018 - 10/2019 - Milton, ON

Corporate Golf Club


- Accelerated the work flow and became part of the team that pushed our location to become #1 in food and beverage out of 30+ locations.

- Quickly worked my way up as a dependable employee to take on more responsibilities such as receiving inventory orders, training staff and specialty menu ideas.

- In charge of keeping track of stock and maintaining quality of products.