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Paisley Mill - Mixed Use Residential - Fire Station - Home Renovation



Paisley Mill Adaptive Reuse Project - Studio 6

The Paisley Mill project was an adaptive reuse project designed to have each student create a unique and appealing proposal for the reuse of the building. The existing mill was constructed mostly of heavy timber structural framing, and required and update on many other aspects of the building. My proposal was a three storey Bar and Grill that was designed to allow the visitors to feel connected with nature by utilizing curtain walls, a roof-top patio, a courtyard, and more. The existing building kept the original wood siding in order to maintain its originality and its historic characteristics. The structure for my proposal was designed using heavy timber structural elements to maintain the natural feel of the original building.

Mixed Use Residential Project - Studio 5

The mixed use residential project consisted of each student providing floorplans, elevations, structural plans, and more for a proposal for a corner lot on Queen Street West Toronto. There were many factors we had to take into account such as the shadows our buildings would cast on the surrounding homes, aswell as the shadows that would be casted onto our building from the CAMH Building across the street. We had to focus on creating a strong street-front presence, but at the same time providing the residence with a safe and accomodating building.

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Ninth Line Fire Station - Studio 4

The Ninth Line Firestation was a design project where each group was required to provide floorplans, elevations, building sections, and more. The firestation designs needed to conform to certain requirements and the OBC. Creating a safe and enjoyable building for the fire fighters to utilize during their week long shifts was one of the main driving factors for this project.

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Residential Home Renovation - Building Renovations

The Residential home renovation required each group to do site visits, take measurements on site, hold interviews with the home owners, and more. The main goal of this project was to provide each group with the oppourtunity to execute site visits for the first time, and to take measurements for the entire home. When holding interviews with the home owners the students took notes on the things that the owners would like to change or renovate. We then completed drawings for the existing building, then provided one renovation proposal per student. These proposals consisted of floorplans, elevations, details, and more.

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Existing Building Addition - CADD 5

The intent of this project was to take the plain existing building, and provide a unique addition proposal. Each student had the freedom to include whatever occupancy they desired. One requirement of this project was to provide an addition that would add atleast 50% more building area. Each student provided floorplans, elevations, demolition drawings, building sections, and more. My proposal consisted of artists's lofts / retail shops located on the first floor, and a museum / art gallery located on the second floor and above. This addition would provide a new point of interest within the surrounding community for years to come.

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Residential Home Design - CADD 4

This residential home design project was designed to allow the students to create a house that would meet all the specific requests of a client. Each student was given a list of requirements that the home must have, and it was our job to successfully design and provide drawings such as floorplans, elevations, details, and more. For the final submission the students were required to submit a drawing package, aswell as a poster board.

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