Relativity Residence                                                                                 


Inspired by the awesome and unusual art style of M.C. Escher’s, “relativity” the Relativity Residence brings a new perspective to an artist’s ideal live-work space. The merge of modern architecture and the creativity of M.C. Escher’s artwork will spark a new flare to the city of Toronto. The expression of M.C. Escher’s artwork not only describes to its viewer the impossibly defining laws of gravity but also the different ideas and perStay ceptions that defy the laws of artistry. The production of this design is to accommodate the artist’s needs physically as well as artistically; a design as such brings a spark and a sense of style as Relativity Residence both fits in and stands out in the community.






Whitney House                                                                                         


Renovation and demolition of an existing residential home, to meet the needs of a single family. The family’s requirements were to add an office on the main floor, a larger kitchen that would lead out to the backyard and an area for the family to use to spend time together. Keeps these requirements in mind, the size of the building was also dependent on the zoning by laws from the City of Mississauga.





545 King St West                                                                                       


This project is the renovation of 545 King Street W. in Downtown, Toronto. The goal of the renovation is to create a Hotel and Day Spa for both public use and multiple day stay. The building is to contain a day use spa, a pool, a stream and sauna room, massage rooms, and a restaurant/bar.





 Shuffle House                                                                                           


Shuffle House is a modular, two storey single family house that was inspired by a deck of playing cards being shuffled. This concept is primarily represented through the design of the arched roofs; much like the arches that appear when a person is shuffling a deck of cards. The house is also split into two seperate modules that contrast between black and white concrete walls. The rooms and spaces on the main floor include: two bedrooms, one 3-piece bathroom, a living/family room and a combined kitchen and dining room. The second floor consists of a balcony situated at the front of the house and a master bedroom down the hall that comes with it’s own seperate bathroom. The design provides space on the east facade for a third module that could be used as an attached garage in the future.







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545 King St West
McElrea Residence

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Whitney House
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