Pape Nature Park Gateway

This Project is for Architectural Computer Visualization Class. Pape Nature Park located in the South-West region of Latvia acts as the perfect birdwatching paradise as it houses over 50,000 migratory birds each year. The park has become renowned for its reintroduction of herbivore species, which have been driven away by human settlements over time.
The main purpose of the structure would be to function as visitor waiting area as well as a ticket booth/office. The addtional function for this space would be to provide overnight lodging for up to four people where special guests usch as reseachers or birdwatchers can spend the night.
To improve the camping experience, access to shower and toilet facilities is recommended, even if they are shared with those in the ticket booth. There will also need to be an outdoor surface that can be used as a kitchen counter during the summer, as well as a playground for children to use while visiting.


Mississauga Bus Terminal_PUZZEL BUILDING


















Renovated Semi-detached House





Pape Nature Park Gate