I would like to take this opportunity to talk about myself and my interests. Starting with the Architectural interests, according to me Architecture plays a great role in our life as it creates unique taste and feeling in one's mind when one looks at any building. All buildings give some sort of impression and are classified into various categories.

I personally really like the work of Zaha Hadid (Iraqi-British Architect). One thing that drives me is that she is the only famous woman architect and her work has made her name all around the world. Example of her works can be found around the globe in various countries. For more about Zaha Hadid, you can visit her website here

Other interests of mine includes watching Liverpool FC (soccer club, based in England), Toronto Raptors (basketball club based in Toronto, Canada)and Spurs (basketball club, based in San Antonio, USA) play; playing soccer and lawn tennis, horse riding, hunting and shooting, reading biographies and etc. I like to spend some of the summer time in the northern ontario near lakes, on the beach and in cottages with friends and relatives. Also Like to spend some time out in BC with family.


In BC, enjoying summers and time out with family


Liverpool FC vs Toronto FC (July 2012)

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