Welcome to my page, and thank you for visiting.

My name is Charles McCormack and I currently enjoy a full time career where I have been for the past 7 years (and I plan to spend the next number of years.)

In addition to Sheridan I have spent a great deal of time at Humber College studying Plant materials and Horticulture, as well as obtaining my Home Inspectors Certification.


Further personal interest studies have been competed at Conestoga College as well as a number of unaccredited online “schools”. I will likely always be a student as there is so much that interests me and so much I must learn about.


In my spare time I travel with my lovely wife Katherine.

One of our most recent and favourite trips was to Iceland and Greenland. We highly recommend it, and plan to return soon to see the land of snow and ice in the winter months.

I enjoy making videos of my travels and have completed a number of short movies on Romania, Hungary, Turkey, Greece, and most recently Greenland. Please see the youtube link below for my 10 minute Greenland video.

Thanks for visiting and happy travels




Greenland video

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