Architectual Visualization

Exo - House

Date Completed: August/2018
Breif: For this project I created a house based on the parameters set forth in the "inHAUS Modular Housing Competition" its use of an exostructure gives it a unique modular aesthetic



Studio 4

Ninth Line Community Center

Date Completed: August/2017
Teammates: Stephanie Carleton, Hillary Fedor
Brief: We were tasked with developing a community center with a focus on outdoor amenity space. emphasis was placed on developing a quality site with even split passive and active spaces.


BIM - 1

The Bell Residence

Date Completed: August/2017
Info 2 Storey Residential Home
Brief: This project was designed to meet the needs an imaginary client family, the parents were both professionals and the children were both school age. their hobbies and activities included movie watching, reading outdoor activities etc.