My name is Mackenzie Mehring, and I am in my final semester of the three year Architectural Technology Co-Op program at Sheridan College. I have always enjoyed art and math, as well as had an keen interest in the various styles of architecture around the world. In high school, I took an architecture class and an interior design class, and that confirmed for me that this is a career path that I want to pursue. I chose to attend Sheridan College because of the courses offered, the praising reviews I had heard, and because they offered a co-op program. That decision what the best one I have ever made because I gained invaluable knowledge, gained lots of in field experience and connections, and met some amazing people.

I hope to eventually get my Masters, become a licenced Architect, and one day own my own small business designing custom resisdential houses. Before this however, I would like to work in the field and gain additional experience, fully figure out where I want this career to take me, and maybe even take some time to travel or study Architecture across seas.