Advanced Residential Studio 5 Studio 6



Passive Laneway House

The major project for the Advanced Residential class involved designing a passive laneway suite. This house is located on the end of an existing property, and it must conform to strict zoning bylaws set for laneway suites, as well as implement many sustainable and passive design strategies.
Download the PDF of the Passive Laneway House drawing package here.


The Pembrooke

Myself along with group members Hafsa Ahmed and Diala Sabbah designed the mixed use retail and condominium building below to be located on the corner of Queen St. W and Fenning in Toronto.
Download the PDF of the final proposal booklet here.


Fire Station 204

Fire Station 204 is located on Queen St. in Brampton ON. Below is my proposed renovation to help make this building a more functional and comfortable place for the fire fighters, and to make sure toxins are properly mitigated between the station and the apparatus bay.
Download the PDF of the Fire Station proposal here.