The Terra Place

Software used: AutoCAD, Sketchup, Lumion, Photoshop

The adaptive reuse of Paisley Mill aims to preserve the building and the historic location while creating new architecture that will benefit the neighbourhood.

1: the fragmental material composing part of the surface of the globe especially : cultivable soil.

At The Terra Place, Paisley visitors and residents experience the alchemy of earth into two products of great cultural and economic value: pottery, in reference to the artistic character of Paisley city, and cuisine.

The Terra Place, which encompasses a community garden, a greenhouse, a restaurant and pottery and cooking classrooms, seeks to combine these operations in a mutually advantageous conjunction that results, ultimately, in community synergy.

On the one hand, the community garden and greenhouse products will be the base of the Terra kitchen’s success. On the other, functional and decorative pottery produced by the community will be employed in the Terra restaurant’s interior design and landscaping.

The materials employed in this construction are old brick, rammed earth, wood (soffits, doors and windows), metal roofing, metal panel, corten steel and concrete.

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The 3D section was a complement to the previously developed 2D section. The one-storey portion of the building was selected for wall section studies purposes due to the materials employed in that part of the construction: rammed earth.
This building method was selected to highlight the TERRA concept since "rammed earth walls are notable for their earthy-toned striations" (Jacques, n.d.). Low embodied energy, recyclability, high thermal mass/low energy loads, and non-toxicity are some green building advantages of the technique. Rammed earth is, all at once, "the structure, the insulation, the finish, and the thermal mass for a building" (Jacques, n.d.). In order to reduce thermal bridging, recycled polyiso insulation is incorporated into the centre of rammed earth walls (Jacques, n.d.).


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