Design of a Cube:
"Asymmetry, Contrast and Movement"

Softwares used: AutoCAD 2D.
Materials used for 3d model: cardboard and foamcore board.

This is an exercise on "understanding basic architectural drafting conventions", and it was developed at the Architectural Studio 1 course of the Architectural Technology program at Sheridan College.

The students were required to "construct a 3-dimensional massing model of a building form". The base for the model was a 75mm x 75mm x 75mm cube, and the model was to encompass "one negative space and one curved or diagonal surface".

The materials used for that were foam core board, regular colored paper and glue.

Following the construction of the model, we were to "use [it] to explore drafting concepts and projection techniques". Finally, we were to "prepare a set of 3D drawings" (isometric, axonometric and perspective views)



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