Ernesta Cornacchia Metropolitan Park and School Park Avançar

Software used: AutoCAD 2D, Sketchup, Lumion 10.3, Photoshop

Note: This project was selected to participate in the 29th National Architecture Competition Opera Prima in 2020. It was top 20 (Region 4) out of 610 projects listed.

The ecologically balanced environment is perceived as not only an "essential [...] asset for the [...] quality of life", but also as a universal right that must be guaranteed and preserved, according to art—255 of the Brazilian 1988 Constitution.

However, intense urbanization, accelerated population growth, and a lack of planning and management that consider the indispensability of well-distributed green areas in cities represent Brazilian cities. 

The city of Salvador fits perfectly into this scenario. The first point to be highlighted refers to several lands in a "non-place" situation, without fulfilling the social function of urban property. The second point concerns the location of public parks, which, as pointed out by OLIVEIRA and OLIVEIRA (s.d.), favours "noble neighbourhoods, to the detriment of less affluent ones." And the third point concerns the abandonment and degradation of green public areas and the lack of communication between many of the city parks and their respective surroundings.

On a side note, there is an educational problem in Brazil. It is necessary to develop and implement projects that resignify the meaning of schools. 

It is essential that spaces are fluid and that the architecture allows and promotes the integration between children and adolescents of all ages. It is necessary that the users of this new school feel welcomed and valued according to their individualities. This place must offer the possibility of an education that covers from the basic to the ludic, the creative.

Under those circumstances, this proposal encompasses two areas of great importance: the School Park Avançar (a complement to traditional education, a space for the development of artistic and industrial skills of children, teenagers and the elderly) along with a public park for the city of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil – the Ernesta Cornacchia Metropolitan Park.


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