The Wooden Imaginarium

Software used: AutoCAD, Sketchup, Lumion, Photoshop

This project was developed throughout the semester through a series of assignments that required students to get in touch with personal memories and interests from their childhood. It was a journey that led us to a final product that was much connected to us.

In any town, public areas and markets are vitally important. Our neighbourhoods would be lifeless and characterless without them. Public art exhibits are one method cities and municipalities work to create a lively environment and draw people to marketplaces. The beautification efforts depend heavily on art, which also contributes to developing a distinctive identity for the cities and neighbourhoods where they are located.

As a permanent artistic installation, the Wooden Imaginarium makes the area lively and connects locals. It enables the community to produce symbols associated with their physical spaces, resulting in an engaging and worthwhile interaction for those who experience it.

It establishes a welcoming environment for meditation, which encourages self-awareness, balance and mental health. Additionally, contact with nature and individuals opens one's eyes to issues like environmental responsibility and respect for diversity.

It fosters children's creativity and imagination.

It is an investment in place-making, as it contributes to building community identity and appreciation for the neighbourhood. That being so, it cultivates social value and civic pride.

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