Namorados Beach Kiosk

Software used: AutoCAD 2D, Sketchup, Lumion, Photoshop
Location: Jardim dos Namorados • Salvador, Bahia - Brazil
Area: 64m²
Year: 2013

This project is a beach kiosk - "a small structure with one or more sides open, [typically] used as a refreshment stand". It was idealized to be directly connected to the neighboring beach, and its design concept, as a consequence, is a simplified representation of a sea shell.

Namorados Beach Kiosk is marked by a lack of decorative and simplicity that results in its "clean aesthetic, where [modern] materials meet in simple, well-executed joints" (a2MODERN, 2001) - an attempt of translating its Modernist-based design.

The materials employed on this project are concrete (mostly left in its raw form), glass, stainless steel (to account for the effects of saltpeter, incomming from the sea), wood (exterior finishing), white marble (kitchen and bar counters), and polished concrete (flooring).

The metal roof above the kitchen area is an overhang sustained by stainless strained steel cables.

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Attention: only the kiosk and its 3D model were developed by the author. The tables, chairs and pergola in the images were provided by the 3D Sketchup Warehouse.


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