The Decorated Shed:
Commercial Architecture Details

Software used: AutoCAD 2D

​This exercise was proposed at the Architectural Detailing 2 course, which was entirely focused on Commercial Detailing. Students were provided with a "strip warehouse" and were to work with different tenants to customize their "chosen rental space to their needs (functional and expressive) and finalize the decisions before working drawings began". The chosen use was a Krav Maga dojo with two separate spaces: a retail sales (martial arts equipment), service counter, waiting area on the front of house; and changerooms (M & F with washrooms), a Universal Washroom according to AODA requirements, dojo (Fight Studio), exercise room and office (mezzanine) on the back of house. 
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The following drawings were developed by hand, according to specifications by the professor:
AD3 - Mullion at wall
AD4 - Center mullion
AD5 - Corner mullion
AD6 - Window jamb at exterior door jamb
AD7 - Service counter
AD8 - Front of house floor at wall
AD9 - Borrowed light details
AD10 - Front of house ceiling at skylight
AD11 - Bottom of stairs
AD12 - Top of stairs at mezzanine floor
AD13 - Mezzanine floor at demising wall
AD14 - Low parapet
AD15 - High parapet
AD16 - Low roof at exterior wall
AD17 - Skylight curb
AD18 - Exterior soffit
AD19 - Storefront window head and sill
AD20 - Floor / Foundation / Cavity wall @ grade


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