My name is Farjaad Mohammadi, and I was born in Kassel, Germany
in 1994. My family first moved to Canada in 1997, and I
have been raised here ever since. Like most children, I loved
building structures with my toys, and the concepts of building as
well as design continued to fascinate me throughout my school
years. Growing up with my father working in the construction industry,
I developed a passion and strong intuition for the field of
design. In secondary school, the design courses peaked my interest,
and my career aspirations took off from there.
Academically, I have always set high expectations for myself, and
throughout secondary school I strove to achieve these goals. I
learned a great deal from these courses, both about design, and
about myself- in terms of what I wanted to achieve in the industry. I
started the Architectural Technician program in September 2013 at
Sheridan College, and I have managed to maintain a GPA of 3.5
throughout the 3 year course. Over the past few years, I have developed
a career plan and have worked to progress oped and achieve my
goal. Through countless individual as well as group projects, feedback
from experienced professors, and development of my portfolio,
I believe I have developed a strong skillset for the design industry.