Hand Drawn

Outdoor Classroom at Sheridan College The below hand drawings were completed as a part of a group project in 2015. The assignment was to propose an outdoor classroom for Sheridan College Davis Campus with the most sustainable design possible.
The design depicted is located in the best possition on the site to capture sunlight, draw in cool southwesterly winds in the summer and to protect from cold northwesterly winds in the winter.



Rowing House The Rowing House is a proposed suburban home for a growing family of 5.
Designed as an openconcept floor plan to allow a natural flow between spaces. The site slopes towards the backyard which allows for a walkout basement and a large deck off of the main floor kitchen and living room. 3D model of this project availible under 'Physical Model' heading.


Completed in 2015 "Community Gardens" is a proposal for a mixed use commercial building in downtown Mississauga as part of their future Downtown 21 plan.
The main floor for Retail use, the 2nd and 3rd floors are for Office use and the 4th and 5th floors are Residential use.



Combination of Details  

Physical Models

3D Printed Sydney Opera House This 3D printed model of the Sydney Opera house was printed through a MakerBot 3D printer.
Printed with white filiment this 3D model shows the ability to use 3D printers and related 3D printing software. This model was printed in 2015.
Rowing House The Rowing House is a physical 3D model representing a studio 2 residential home.
Completed in 2014 this model was constructed out of illistrator board. All details, including brick and shingles were carved into the board. Floor plans of this project availible under 'Residential' heading.

Digital Models

Anderson Warehouse The Anderson Warehouse is a industrial office/warehouse. The project was completed in 2013.
The floor plans and elevations were completed in AutoCAD and from those the AutoCAD 3D model was constructed.
Elements were extruced from the floor plans up to the desired height to complete this 3D Digital Model.