• Live Work Loft

  • Live Work Loft Unit

  • Library Interior

  • Library Interior

  • Library Exterior

  • Daycare

  • Daycare

  • Kitchen Renovation

  • Kitchen Renovation

Spencer Residence

Modern home that houses 2 families, each having their own floor. The basement is accessible to both residence.There is a green roof on the west portion of the house and skylights on the sloped roof.

The Professional Centre

Mixed used g storeybuilding where the ground floor is rentable retail spaces and the floors above are offices.


Location: 4494 Ebenzer Road, Brampton

Proposed extention to the existing Ebenezer Community Hall. The extension will serve as a daycare for toddlers, infants and preschoolers.



Live Work Loft that houses dedicated artists in Toronto. The proposed site is located on Queen Street West and Fennings Street.




Proposed library with two floors. The main floor is the general library space where there are reading areas and lounge areas. The second floor is the working/study area that overlooks the main floor.



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