Paisley Learning Centre is an adaptive reuse project of an existing silo building in Brockton, Ontario. "The original mill was built on this site in 1855, but was destroyed by fire in 1884. The current building was constructed in 1885 and was a flour mill until after WW2. It was then used as a feed mill and later as a cider mill. It sat vacant from 1972 to 2000" - Studio 6 SS 2021. The new building is designed with curved floor plates that represent the curves of the Teeswater river. Preview of project below.



Queen Puzzle is a mix-used project located in the heart of West Queen West. This is Toronto’s creative heart and home to hundreds of galleries, unique restaurants, custom fashion retailers, coffee shops, bars and boutique hotels. Torontonians have usually regarded this neighbourhood as a groovy, hip, cutting edge and particularly artsy neighbourhood.
This project was designed by Minh Chau Ngo and Yulian Novosad. Preview of project below.



Cambridge Art Centre is a renovation project in Cambridge, Ontario. This building is to undergo a change of occupancy, and is looking to expand but still keeping some existing elements. The existing portion will be renovated for new classrooms and studio spaces. Connecting to these spaces is a large gallery as well as a retail store and a coffee shop. Preview of project below.

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