Will Nguyen



The Regal Archives

(Paisley) Public library

The Regal Archive project aims to construct a building that is sustainable, functionable and at the same time, has its own personality. The inspiration has been drawn directly from the image of leaves, or tree branches, stacking on top of each other. There will be a lot of open spaces, floor openings, lots of windows that make use of natural sunlight. Being able to see floor stacked on floor, all the way from top to bottom provides a great sense of verticality to the guests, and add more depth to the building’s context, as if one is to stand on one tree branch and able to look over the others. The overall theme that the designer’s going for is freedom and nature. This reflects in the effective use of green roof, green walls, and indoor plants. Structurally, heavy timber framings were kept to preserve the structural integrity of the existing building. The materials used in the overall renovation, especially exterior cladding diverse from the original Paisley Mill. This consists of green exterior finish, natural stone masonry and polished granite, was to emphasize the renovation process visually and thematically. If done correctly, not only it doesn’t take away the consistency of the design but on the contrary, adds diversity to the look and a new identity to the construction.


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The Moonlit Balcony

A Library/Bar Project

Aside from the public pool (which mostly stays shut during the winter months), there isn’t really a form of entertainment within walking distance. Even though densely packed, life is peaceful here. People would take a 10-15 minutes ride to City Center, Square One if they’re looking for actions. My proposal steps in to help ease that need a little bit, by providing the community with an excuse to go out on foot and have fun. An interestingly designed pub/bar that connect to a library/gallery via a bridge like structure may do just that.

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City of Halton Renovations



The Sunny Hill House


To figure out the best way to utilize space through design and at the same time stay harmonized with the surrounding landscape. Ideally the home should fit general lifestyle. Eco-friendliness and sustainability are also taken into consideration.

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